Kevin Cooper - Live Music Schedule

DateProjectVenue (time)
Fri 04/12/2024Eyes Up HereGano Tavern (7-11p)
Sat 04/13/2024Eyes Up HerePirates Cove (7-11p)
Sun 04/14/2024Eyes Up HereTrillions (6-10p)
Fri 04/19/2024EUH (duo)The Game at Liberty Center (7-10p)
Sat 04/20/2024The Hanky PanksTrillions (8p-12a)
Wed 04/24/2024Kevin Cooper soloCorner Pub (7-11p)
Fri 04/26/2024Kevin Cooper soloPirates Den (9p-1a)
Sat 04/27/2024KC and MikePar's Place (7-11p)
Sun 04/28/2024Kevin Cooper soloThe Belle & The Bear voice competition house band (
Fri 05/03/2024The Fun SizeLittle Miami Brewing (745-1045p)
Fri 05/10/2024Eyes Up HereGano Tavern (7-11p)
Sat 05/11/2024The Hanky PanksPohlman Lanes (7-11p)
Sun 05/12/2024Eyes Up HereTrillions (6-10p)
Fri 05/17/2024The Hanky PanksAult Park event (time TBD)
Sat 05/18/2024KC and MikePar's Place (730-1130p)
Sun 05/19/2024Eyes Up HereMr. Boro's Tavern (3-6p)
Wed 05/22/2024Eyes Up HerePirates Cove (6-10p)
Fri 05/24/2024The Hanky PanksTrillions (8p-12a)
Sat 05/25/2024The Hanky PanksPirates Cove (7-11p)
Sun 05/26/2024Kevin Cooper soloCorner Pub (7-11p)
Mon 05/27/2024Eyes Up HereOakley Pub & Grill (private event) (time TBD)
Thu 05/30/2024The Hanky PanksKreimer’s (6-9p)
Fri 05/31/2024The Hanky PanksMLT (9p-1a)
Sat 06/01/2024The Hanky PanksThe Belle & The Bear (830p-1230a)
Fri 06/07/2024Eyes Up HereGano Tavern (7-11p)
Sat 06/08/2024Eyes Up HereSmoke Justis (8-11p)
Sun 06/09/2024Eyes Up HereTrillions (6-10p)
Wed 06/12/2024Kevin Cooper soloCorner Pub (7-11p)
Fri 06/14/2024Kevin Cooper soloCozy's Cafe & Pub (630-930p)
Sat 06/15/2024The Fun SizeStock Keffer private event (details TBD)
Fri 06/21/2024The Hanky PanksMr. Boro's Tavern (8-11p)
Sat 06/22/2024Eyes Up HereAnderson Hills Swim Club (5-8p)
Thu 06/27/2024Eyes Up HereHeather's Cafe (630-930p)
Fri 06/28/2024The Hanky PanksPirates Cove (7-11p)
Sat 06/29/2024The Hanky PanksTrillions (8p-12a)
Fri 07/05/2024The Hanky Panksprivate event (4-7p)
Sat 07/06/2024HoldThe Hanky Panks
Sun 07/07/2024Eyes Up HerePirates Cove (4-8p)
Wed 07/10/2024Kevin Cooper soloCorner Pub (7-11p)
Thu 07/11/2024Kevin Cooper soloBourbon House Pizza - Newport (6-830p)
Fri 07/12/2024The Hanky PanksFroggy's (8p-12a)
Sat 07/13/2024Eyes Up HereGano Tavern (7-11p)
Sun 07/14/2024Eyes Up HereTrillions (6-10p)
Fri 07/19/2024The Hanky PanksTrillions (8p-12a)
Thu 08/01/2024The Hanky PanksKreimer’s (6-9p)
Fri 08/02/2024Kevin Cooper soloFairfield Pub (9p-1a)
Sat 08/03/2024Dat Band with Kevin Cooper soloGoettaFest (8-11p)
Sun 08/04/2024Eyes Up HereMr. Boro's Tavern (3-6p)
Fri 08/09/2024Eyes Up HereGano Tavern (7-11p)
Sat 08/10/2024The Hanky PanksPirates Cove (7-11p)
Sun 08/11/2024Eyes Up HereTrillions (6-10p)
Wed 08/14/2024Kevin Cooper soloCorner Pub (7-11p)
Fri 08/16/2024The Hanky PanksMVP (830p-1230a)
Sat 08/17/2024The Hanky PanksPohlman Lanes (7-11p)
Sun 08/18/2024Eyes Up HerePirates Cove (4-8p)
Thu 08/22/2024Kevin Cooper soloFroggys (6-10p)
Fri 08/23/2024The Hanky PanksMolly Malone’s (10p-1a)
Sat 08/24/2024Kevin Cooper soloCozy's Cafe & Pub (630-930p)
Fri 08/30/2024The Hanky PanksTrillions (8p-12a)
Sat 08/31/2024The Hanky PanksThe Belle & The Bear (830p-1230a)
Sun 09/01/2024Eyes Up HereTrillions (6-10p)
Sun 09/08/2024The Hanky PanksHold
Thu 09/12/2024Kevin Cooper soloBourbon House Pizza - Newport (6-830p)
Fri 09/13/2024Eyes Up HereGano Tavern (7-11p)
Sat 09/14/2024Eyes Up HereFairfield Pub (9p-1a)
Sun 09/15/2024The Hanky PanksKreimer’s (4-8p)
Fri 09/20/2024The Hanky PanksHeather's Cafe (7-11p)
Sat 09/21/2024Eyes Up HereHold
Sat 09/21/2024Dat Band with Kevin Cooper soloErlanger KY end of summer fest (time TBA)
Fri 09/27/2024Kevin Cooper soloBraxton Brewing, Art Attack event (7-11p)
Sat 09/28/2024The Hanky PanksTrillions (8p-12a)
Fri 10/04/2024The Fun SizeLittle Miami Brewing (745-1045p)
Fri 10/11/2024Eyes Up HereGano Tavern (7-11p)
Sun 10/13/2024Eyes Up HereTrillions (6-10p)
Thu 10/17/2024Kevin Cooper soloFroggys (6-10p)
Fri 10/18/2024The Hanky PanksKreimer's River Bar (7-11p)
Sat 10/19/2024The Hanky PanksWeber Pumpkin Festival (11a-12p)
Fri 10/25/2024The Hanky PanksTrillions (8p-12a)
Fri 11/01/2024Eyes Up HerePohlman Lanes (7-11p)
Thu 11/07/2024Kevin Cooper soloBourbon House Pizza - Newport (6-830p)
Fri 11/08/2024Eyes Up HereGano Tavern (7-11p)
Sun 11/10/2024Eyes Up HereTrillions (6-10p)
Fri 11/15/2024The Hanky PanksFroggy's (8p-12a)
Sat 11/23/2024The Hanky PanksTrillions (8p-12a)
Thu 12/05/2024Kevin Cooper soloBourbon House Pizza - Newport (6-830p)
Sat 12/07/2024The Hanky PanksMadison Inn (9p-1a)
Sun 12/08/2024Eyes Up HereTrillions (6-10p)
Fri 12/13/2024The Hanky PanksFairfield Pub (9p-1a)
Sat 12/14/2024Eyes Up HereGano Tavern (7-11p)
Fri 12/20/2024The Fun SizeLittle Miami Brewing (745-1045p)
Sat 12/21/2024The Hanky PanksTrillions (8p-12a)
Tue 12/31/2024The Hanky PanksTrillions (8p-12a)